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Cheap Harrow Cricket Bat Description

Find the gaps, even if that is through the slips. The Village Cricket Bat has been built to last and keep hitting those boundaries in picturesque (or not so pretty) village cricket grounds for years to come. It really is the perfect bat for club cricketers.

We opted out of the fancy branding and we don't make you choose between multiple different weights, shapes or styles. We have even pre-knocked it in for you so you don't need to worry (or pay more) for that.

There are a few key factors that make a great cricket bat:

Quality of the wood: A good cricket bat is made from high-quality willow wood.

Weight: The weight of the bat should be well-balanced and appropriate for the player's style and ability.

Pick-up: The pick-up of a bat refers to how easy it is to wield. A bat with a good pick-up will feel lighter and more balanced in the hands, making it easier to control. Our cricket bat picks up brilliantly.

Durability: A good cricket bat should be able to withstand the rigors of constant use without breaking or losing its shape.

Sweet spot: The sweet spot is the area of the cricket bat that is most effective for making contact with the ball. A bat with a large sweet spot is generally considered to be better because it allows the player to hit the ball harder and farther. Our sweet spot is huge!

Our Cricket Bat Highlights

  • All our products come with a full year's warranty, so if anything is to happen to your cricket bat then we will replace it free of charge.
  • No knocking-in your new cricket bat! We've done it for you, don't spend hours of your life annoying everyone banging your bat with a mallet to knock it in. Or worse, pay over the odds for other brands to do it for you.
  • All of our bats are made from grade G1+ Kashmir Willow. We spent two years testing different types of willow and found this perfect for low-cost cricket bats.
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A video review of our cricket bat

There's nothing better than a real-world review!

A real-word review from one of our customers — not edited, not great quality but a real review of our cricket bat!

Some of our cricket bat reviews...

As good as a £400 bat!

I purchased this cricket cricket bat at the start of the season — best decision I made! the bat feels amazing, well balanced and even the edges goes miles. To add to that it feels great knowing that this bat also comes with a 1 year warranty. For under a £100 this bat is a steal, and feels no different vs a £300 to £400 bat. Would recommend it to anyone. Keep up the great work!

Joey T, Chipping Sodbury CC

Better than bats I've had for three times the cost :)

Incredible bat for the money. In fact, better than bats I've had for three times the cost. Looks great, stand-out colours and plays like a dream. I ordered one for my daughter too, and I suspect that we will get her some softs and a bag to match when then do junior sizes!

Ben D, Blakesley CC

Ready to go straight away!

The quality of the bat you are getting for price is amazing. Has a great light pickup and the middle really pings with a good sound. Also a plus that's it essentially ready to go straight away.

Mike of Perth

Still need convincing? How about more cricket bat reviews!

Give it a try, you will not regret it at all!

I've just started playing cricket again and wanted to buy a decent bat, without it costing a fortune. The Village Cricket Co bat stood out thanks to its story and the positive reviews. I decided to give it a try and do not regret it at all. The bat looks great and, despite it feeling a bit heavier than I would like ideally, it does have a good pickup and an excellent middle (which I don't find often enough!). Overall, really impressed with the quality, particularly given the price. My sons also bought me the matching batting pads and gloves for Father's Day and I'm very happy with those too. Highly recommend giving Village Cricket Co a try.

Martin W, Chirk CC

Impressed by the feel and balance

For the first time in 20 years, I have had buy a new cricket bat and I was shocked at how expensive they are. After a quick internet search , I came across the Village Cricket Bat Co. and was impressed by their ethos and attitude to the game. Ordering the bat was a breeze with personalised customer service. When the bat arrived, I was impressed by the feel and balance of it, and in the first net session, any middled shots flew. I am looking forward to seeing if it will improve my batting average, but I think that the quality of this bat exceeds my skill level!

Ben W, ASM & New Look CC

Shots just fly off this cricket bat!

It is great, amazing. Had few shots just flying off the bat, cleared boundary few times with minimal effort. Looks solid and feels great. Good pick-up and middle, pings well. Pretty pleased. I love it, recommended to few of my friends as well.It is great, amazing. Had few shots just flying off the bat, cleared boundary few times with minimal effort. Looks solid and feels great. Good pick-up and middle, pings well. Pretty pleased. I love it, recommended to few of my friends as well.

Suresh P